Baptism (English) Contact Office 231-652-1286
Baptism (Spanish) Yolanda Herrera 231-652-2954

Baptisms can take place at any of our weekend Masses or on Saturdays at 2pm.
Please fill out an application form and bring it to the office, along with a birth certificate.

Children 7 years old and over will need to be in Faith Formation, and will recieve all the Sacraments of initiation
(Baptism, First Eucharist, and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil when they are catechized.
Faith Formation Link

Baptismal Application Form – English

Baptismal Application Form – Spanish

Baptism Classes

Reborn – Episode 1: A New Creation

Reborn – Episode 2: Entering the Mystery

Reborn – Episode 3: Nurturing the Life of Grace

(These classes are available on a streaming service called and is available for free to our parishioners. instructions to sign up are below.)

Clases Bautismales:

Renacer, Sesión 1: Una Nueva Creación

Renacer, Sesión 2: Entrando en el Misterio

Renacer, Sesión 3: Continuando la Vida de Gracia

Instructions to access

FORMED”  is Catholic Streaming content that is free for our parishioners.
Formed has sacramental prep classes, as well as family movies and devotionals.

To sign up for “FORMED” go to
Click “sign up”
Click “I belong to a parish or organization”
Type in “St Bartholomew, Newaygo, Mi
Put your name and email and you are set to watch content.

Watch/Listen to content on your phone using the FORMED APP