Newaygo County Catholic Youth Ministry IS HAPPENING

We’re still meeting. Virtually! Email Erin at for Zoom meeting link. 


Wednesday Nights 7pm on Zoom– Different teens are taking turns leading the night in discussion and social time.  Every other Wednesday Erin will lead a Bible study, actually a WHOLE Bible Study where we are going through 12 segments of scripture so we can understand the entire Salvation story and how it applies to our lives. AFTER THAT, we will be studying Revelation.


Sunday Nights – 8pm ProjectYM (National Youth Ministry Meeting  &  Newaygo Zoom Call)Our parish is signed up to participate – all teens have to do is to log on a few minutes before 8pm to PROJECTYM.COM/WATCH

AND Log onto Our Zoom Call at the same time- so that we can have an ongoing discussion in the chat portion during the presentation and music- and then discussion among ourselves after.

If you can’t figure out how to do both at the same time- just join the zoom meeting after!


–> Follow our Youth Ministry on Instagram at newaygo_catholic

You are all in my prayers, Erin Duba
Call my google ministry number if you are having technical difficulties 231-335-7201

Our Teens started their own Podcast, Listen to them share their personal experiences, inspired thoughts and learned lessons!

Vitamin J Podcast   



What to Watch on Formed (Catholic Streaming Content)


To sign up for “Formed” go to
Click “sign up”
Click “I belong to a parish or organization”
Type in “St Bartholomew, Newaygo, Mi
Put your name and email and you are set to watch content.

Or download the Formed app at your app store.